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FEES and Inclusions

Inclusions: Upon completion of your enrolment we supply each child with a Rutherford Playtime Preschool Uniform (shirt) and a wide brim hat.

We provide All meals these include Breakfast before 730am, fresh & nutritious Morning and Afternoon Tea, a hot lunch, and a late afternoon snack which is prepared daily by our in house chef.

Throughout the year your child’s development and art creations will be documented and displayed in a portfolio which is free for your collection in November of each year at our annual Christmas party/ Graduation ceremony.

All Families receive a Centre Newsletter every term outlining upcoming events also a quick note from your child’s Teachers of what each classroom has been working on over that month.

Access to Kidsxap where each rooms posts daily stories with photos to show families what they have been doing. Our Chef posts daily what’s on the menu, and all families receive monthly learning observations on their child.

Fees: (Daily out of pocket expense for families who receive CCS (Child Care Subsidy)

0-2rys $115 Per day 3-4yrs $105 Per day 4-5yrs $100 Per day
85% - $22.14 80% - $20.22 85% - $19.99
80% - $24.51 80% - $23.14 80% - $21.05
70% - $37.80 70% - $30.56 70% - $27.59
60% - $40.85 60% - $38.80 60% - $43.80
50% - $57.50 50% - $25.50 50% - $50.00

Fees are to be paid weekly or fortnightly.

Methods of paying Fees-

  • Centrepay - Centrepay- is a bill paying service, free for Centrelink customers, through which deductions can be made from a customer’s payment directly to your Business.
  • Direct Deposit-
    Account Name- Rutherford Playtime Preschool
    BSB- 012 720
    Account Number- 406 357 974
  • EziDebit- Download Ezi debit form
  • Cash payments- Money is to be signed in by staff and then witnessed by parent. This is recorded directly onto your child’s fee envelop.
  • EFTPOS- Eftpos machine is located in the office.

Absences- YYou can receive child care subsidy (CCS) for allowable absences, up to a maximum of 42 days per financial year. After this, you will have to pay the full cost of child care.

You can get CCS for any number of approved absence days your child takes. But when required, you must provide Centrelink documents to explain each absence. Approved absences include; illness with medical certificate, public holidays, access visits, rostered days off, declared a local emergency.

Holidays-Our centre is open 51 weeks of the year including school holidays. Please notify staff if your child will be away for a certain period of time. Full Fees are still payable over this period to ensure child’s place is kept until child returns.

Priority of Child Care Services-
When there are limited vacant places in the service, Rutherford Playtime Preschool will follow the Australian Government Access Guidelines.

  • Priority 1 – A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • Priority 2 – A child of a parent (or both parents) who satisfies the Governments work, training or study test.
  • Priority 3 – Any other child

A child under Priority 3, may be required to vacate a place to make room for a child with higher priority. At least 14 days’ notice will be given, if this becomes necessary.

What are my responsibilities for receiving Child Care Benefit?
Generally most people are eligible for financial assistance or rebate with their fees, from the Australian Government, regardless of their income. This is called Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Once you receive a CCS, we can calculate your preschool fees.

To obtain a CCB, apply at Family Assistance Offices; Centrelink, Medicare and the ATO.

You may also apply by telephone on 136150

To register for CCB you are required a reference number.

  • OUR REFERENCE NUMBER IS - 407 259 872H

To continue to receive Child care Subsidy and the correct benefit, you are required to:

  • Sign daily attendance records to show when your child starts care and finishes each day.
  • Sign attendance record each time your child is absent.
  • Inform each child care service you are using when you have used your maximum 42 absence days.
  • Advise the family assistance office when changes happen that may affect your CCS
please give us a call. Talk to one of our helpfull staff on 02 4932 6332 about all your daycare needs
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